OFF Lab - Team ‘more than the sum of its parts’

When: 11 and 12 March | Various times

Location: Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Boekmanzaal

more than the sum of its parts

an exercise in consciousness

There is something invisible that has the ability to connect people, and to bring them together for things both good and bad. This phenomenon has had many names over the course of history – it was called the subconscious, religious experience, cult behaviour, crowd dynamic and emotional manipulation. We decided to call it collective subconsciousness when we delved deeper into this phenomenon.

This collective subconsciousness is something that connects us with each other. Every time we enter a space, we leave traces of ourselves in it. We all are part of it, because we all are fundamentally human. In the operatic experiment more than the sum of its parts this collective subconsciousness will be made visible, as it will be shown in an experience the audience is invited to be a part of.

The operatic experiment is shaped like a ritual, that musicians, performers and audience members will experience differently - yet it will be connected through the collective subconsciousness.

Composer Rafaelos Christofi
Director Flora Kenza Nacer
Scenography Luka Viool
Dramaturgy Philipp Wegerer
Production Floor Broer & Emma van Stapele

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