OFF Lab - Team ‘Een Ragnarok’

When: 11 and 12 March | Various times

Location: Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Boekmanzaal

Een Ragnarok

Can you break with the past when nothing really disappears?

Then the moment closes above him: on the quickly buried patch the unfortunate angel comes to rest, waiting for history in the petrifaction of flight, gaze, breath. Until the renewed rustle of mighty wingbeats propagates through the stone in the waves and announces his flight.

Nordic mythology begins and ends with Ragnarok: the end of all life and the beginning of a new cycle. Do we also find this cosmic movement in ourselves, as the attempt to break with the past? Or will we sooner or later come to the conclusion that a true break with the past is not possible? If nothing ever really ends and everything always continues, can a new life begin? Some moments never disappear, wear out very slowly, or always come back. After a Ragnarok, we hope for a nothingness, so that everything is possible again. But how much of a nothing is a nothing, if old traces continue to haunt us?

Composer Catharina Clement
Director Arthur Buchholz
Scenography Inge Gutzeit
Dramaturgy Lotte Oostenga & Sam Simons
Production Daniëlle Heunks & Pleun Swart