OFF Lab - Team ‘ADIOS’

When: 11 and 12 March | Various times

Location: Dutch National Opera & Ballet, Boekmanzaal


The ambiguity of alienation

When we encounter a group and find ourselves not fitting in, a strange sensation arises. A hyper-awareness sets in. Of our own body. Of the bodies of those that do belong. Their gestures and words, which seem so natural to those performing them, take on a surreal quality. The collective, which is so appealing as a site of togetherness and safety, might all of a sudden seem like a threatening entity with a logic that does not make sense to us.

To some, this experience of distance is a liberation from the oppressive norms that are present in group behaviour. To others, it is a sensation of profound loneliness. ADIOS explores this ambiguity and the loss inherent in both alienation and belonging. If we decide for one or for the other, what do we leave behind?

Composer Béla Braack
Librettist Jasmine Karimova
Director Joelina Spiess
Choreography Amisha Kumra
Scenography Lou Seidel
Dramaturgy Goya van den Berg
Production Fien Tittse & Wouter Stoppelenburg

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